In this chapter I‘ll give you a brief description of my services. Please browse through the sub-categories below.

Survey of contaminated land, groundwater and surface waters
I am specialised on comprehensive analyses regarding the condition of endange-red natural compartments. My services include the design of field work campaigns including drilling, sampling and chemical analyses with subsequent expert re-ports. My evaluation and documentation applies techniques and methodologies according to internationally acknowledged state of the art. I have worked on large scale projects, both nationally and internationally. Please see also my publications.
Environmental Impact Assessment – EIA
My EIAs will consider impact on all relevant valuable goods of public and private interest, such as the human health, soil, groundwater, surface waters, communal facilities (water works, housing areas, schools etc.) and the unrestricted use of pri-vate property, if not in conflict with public interests. A thorough „source-pathway-receptor approach“ facilities the derivation of sustainable and cost-effective mea-sures to improve the situation.
Waste Management
I am an accredited waste manager according to the German legislation. My exper-tise includes EIA for active and closed dumps, as well as the implementation of concepts for the disposal of waste. My references include many projects dealing with toxic waste. In 2017 Project leader for the "Survey and establishment of a compehensive data base for waste management in Kuwait - eMISKwaste, Fraunhofer UMSICHT.
Revitalisation of military and industrial brown-fields
There is no need to be scared because a certain profile of contamination has been detected on the site. A sustainable and cost-efficient planning of remediation measures in com-bination with realistic scenarios for a possible re-use of the respective sites facilita-tes investments to develope brown-fields in an economically and environmentally favourable way.

Revitaliserung Revitaliserung

Project Management for the redevelopment of industrial brown-fields in Thuringia, Germany.
Environmental Due Diligence - EDD
My services provide EDD investigations and reports for clients in Germany, the UK, Austria and the Slovak Republic.
Health, Safety, Environment – HSE
I am an accredited advisor for health and safety according to German legislation. My services include the supervision of large scale field campaigns as well as the trai-ning of staff. I have obtained several certificates for health and safety, for adequate behavior and team safety in dangerous environments.
International Projects
I have participated in major environmental assessment campaigns, for instance in Nigeria. In Nigeria the focus has been on the large scale survey and subsequent evaluation of environmental impact and hazards due to contamination with hydro-carbons. For more information please also see my publications. I worked as the Project Director for the restoration of the mangroves in the Bodo creeks, Nigeria. Within 6 months my team and I successfully managed the planning and preparations for the field work neccessary to clean-up 1000 ha of polluted mangroves.

Large Scale Environmental Survey of Ogoniland in the Niger delta, Nigeroia for the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). Comprehensive large scale survey and studies for the assessment of environmental impact and hazards (EIA). Training of employees. HSE in the field, tool box meetings.

Preparation of a study of environmental guidelines: “Introduction to international Environmental Quality Standards for aliphatic and aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soil, Groundwater and Drinking Water under special Consideration of the environmental Situation in the Niger Delta

Preparation, organisation and execution of a one-week training course for Chinese environmental experts and administrative delegates. Services rendered: Preparation of the work-shop, support services for the delegates and presentation of expert reports. Sites visited: “Kölliken dump” for industrial waste, Switzerland, “Ecological large scale project Berlin, Germany” (several sites), “Harz-Metall”: former metal processing plant, Goslar, Germany. Delegates from the institutions (inter alia) Research Institute of Solid Waste Management, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES), College of Construction and Environment, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau, Research Academy of Environmental Sciences of Qinghai.

ENI Tar Sand Project, Congo (Brazzaville) Mboundi, Field Supervisor and HSE Representative, Health and Safety in the field, Services rendered: Supervision of environmental objectives and standards, HSE-training of staff, tool box meetings, HSE administration and documentation for clients.

Draft of a project study for an UNICEF project - Water Safety Framework for the “Healthy Villages and Schools” program in the DRC (Kinshasa)– Program WASH

Project Director for the "Mangrove Restoration of the Bodo Creeks", Nigeria. Duties: “Accountable for overall delivery of the project in accordance with the agreed Remedial Action Plan. Size of area is about 1000 hectares in Bodo creek.
Primary point of contact and interface with the Bodo Mediation Executive Steering Committee and external Stakeholders. Responsible for overall project management and delivery of the project in accordance with the agreed Remedial Action Plan and within agreed budget.
Primary point of contact with the Project Engineers & Supervisors, responsibility for financial control of project budget and management of contractual issues between the Bodo Mediation Project Execution Team and Contractors.
Dual function as project process owner and contract holder with responsibility for the planning, execution and management of the project works and reporting to the Bodo Mediation Technical Working Committee and Executive Steering Committee.
Management of any other process that will ensure the implementation of the clean up and remediation of Bodo creek in a technically sound, and environmental friendly manner in accordance with international.

Survey and Establishment of a comprehensive data base for waste management in Kuwait” – "eMISKwaste" as an employee for the “Fraunhofer Institut UMSICHT (Umwelt-, Sicherheits- und Energietechnik), Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany.

Consultancy Services for the Survey of groundwater in parts of the peninsula of Qatar. Field survey and evaluation of data, preparation and implementation of the campaign. HSE in the field. HSE training and certificates according to the regulations of Qatar Petroleum. Head of the office in Doha, Qatar.

A selection of my previous international projects can be found on this page
My service include the training of staff in order to facilitate capacity buiding and the implementation of international best practises by practical instruction, teoreti-cal schooling and tool box meetings.